CONGO- DRC :Sorry to show You this. Massacre in Rumangabo by The Ciminal Joseph Kabila



Massacre de civils à Rumangabo. Il faut avoir bu beaucoup de “горілка” ou par peur, tirer les roquettes de très très loin pour rater la cible.

Rumangambo Map

Rumangambo Map

The Village near Rumangabo Where Civilinas were Killed by kabila's helicopters

The Village near Rumangabo Where Civilinas were Killed by kabila’s helicopters

but it (RUMANGABO) is a legitimate target for the FARDC,” Colonel Olivier Hamuli said on Reuters.

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Victim of Kabila's helicopters attack near Rumangabo

Victim of Kabila’s helicopters attack near Rumangabo



“(The helicopters) have been over Rumangabo for the last two hours. It seems there have been quite a number of victims,” said Emmanuel De Merode, chief warden at the Virunga National Park, which has its headquarters a few kilometres from the camp.

He said 10 civilians wounded in the strikes had been admitted to the park’s infirmary. One man lost his leg, and two children were seriously injured by shrapnel, he added. The rest of the victims were not seriously wounded.

“They missed their target and hit civilians,” M23 spokesman Amani Kabasha said.

He said four people, including three children, died when several homes were destroyed in the raids. However there was no immediate independent confirmation of the deaths.


49 thoughts on “CONGO- DRC :Sorry to show You this. Massacre in Rumangabo by The Ciminal Joseph Kabila

  1. It is war, civilians and military get killed. Who killed who is not a matter of who’s bad and who’s fighting the interest of the people. Only hypocritical and naïves mind will try to defend and take side. Unless you understand the risk of a war, then stop crying out loud how Manila killed people and how M23 are just defending people’s interest and rights in the eastern DRC or vise versa…all I want to say…Stop the Fucking war. M23 stop the occupation of the eastern DRC and let see whether there won’t be peace. let stop the war…Say No to the War in the DRC.

  2. How sad !! May god open ur white English.
    Yet under no illusion that white is superior .God made us equal.
    Its ignorance and hatred. Like yours.that make wars.
    Shall we look around the world. See how many atrocities.
    By the hand of the White man.

    Very very dangerous in my mind,c’est comme ça la guerre



  6. Only God is the one who will bring justice soon in this world ,forget about those UN,,USA and something like that

  7. Suppose the Innocent civilians killed in Rumangabo were happy to live among the M23. meanwhile on the opposite side innocent civilians moved towards Goma for their safety. Who are you to join the front line?

  8. HRW treats M 23 as if they are not Congolese…that is how the conflict becomes more serious.stop discriminating people that is how you can end war in Congo.

  9. When we say all accusations against Rwanda are based on selfish interests of some western powers and not the love for Congo, this is what we mean. I can`t understand how a horrible thing like this can happen in this century only for the so called super powers to keep quite.Who killed those innocent civilians? why keep quite then. For us we know them well that`s why we will fight till the last drop of our blood so that what happened in Rwanda never happen again. We have enough experience, and as usually the international community did nothing to save us, as they are doing nothing to condemn the killings. You can`t save Congo by accusing Rwanda and you have done this so enough, i don`t think whether you see it helpful. and offcourse it is not helpful since these are BASELESS accusations. By the way for those who don`t know M23 is only one among more than 12 rebel groups in DRC. Dont accuse any one. DRC is simply a failed state.

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  13. Jesus Chris!!! what you people who views this can do for that devil called Kabira Joseph..this is beyond than any human being, plz we need the right of judgement. i don’t even know what kind of court this criminal kabila can be judging to.

  14. Typical black man style !!! sick as they come & are.. They are a disgusting race! They are worse than pigs.

    • What an idiotic statement. A few peoples’ actions cannot be used to judge an entire race. Should we also consider the massacres during the Kosovo conflict to judge the white race? Or the constant shootings in the United States? Don’t be stupid, man.

    • Racist Chris. After all the bombs are made by you white pigs who are scheming to wipe out all the black race and more so n the rich DRC. But remember all empires rise and fall. The white man empire will also fall.

    • well, I wonder what kind of race you are fellow human. its absolutely wrong to bring race into this . You must be worthless supremacist white racist jerk. Don’t get me started with the whole torture and slavery you inflicted on the black race for hundred of years. Brought guns, created wars so you could take our resources for you own good and all. I’m against the atrocities in congo But again I hate someone who brings race in situations like this.

    • What a stupid statement! Let’s consider you as a mental disabled person, otherwise you should not let this comes out of your mouth. Do you think Ukrainians are black man? Nonsense!

  15. this is serious question . but congo, o n u , and all other country saround RDC they must help RDC to get security. that is very simple way.we need peace of the people.

  16. La désolation est à son comble jusque dans les coulisses du Secrétaire Général de l’ONU, Ban Ki Moon!
    La technologie militaire ( les hélicoptères ) la plus en vue pour mater les rebellions les plus irréductibles comme le M23, est à remettre en cause. Les crimes des FARDC ne sont pas les moindres par rapport à ceux de son mentor l’ONU. Tous les deux devraient être poursuis de crime contre l’humanité.
    La 391è bataillon des FARDC était déjà dans le collimateur de l’ONU, pour des exactions commises aux civils par viols en bandes organisées de femmes et de bébés âgés jusqu’à 18 mois, de profanation de cadavres des soldats du M23, etc., pendant que son protecteur la MONUSCO ( l’ONU ) est accusée d’avoir commandité les massacres des civils à Rumangabo par des hélicoptères de combats, les terribles MI-24 pilotés par des Ukrainiens aguerris.
    Le monde s’interroge, “qui est responsable de la descente aux enfers des populations civiles du Nord Kivu?”. Kabila n’est qu’un instrument, il ne peut être seul seul sur le ban des accusés.
    Dans ce contexte, la seule solution crédible à cette guerre est celle choisie par le M23, la solution politique. Le retour de la RDC à la table de négociations à Kampala devient un impératif incontournable.
    A bon entendeur salut.
    A bientôt.

  17. this is horrible , the Human right is busy supporting homosexuality , every where in the whole world , while people are being killed and tortured in Congo . those people are evil and ALLAH will not forgive them . to all brother and sisters in Congo . be strong , we will be praying for you .

  18. please kabila stop your soldier to kill the honest people because they dont no you confrict of war is honest stop stop

  19. Those are the pple UN Mission in congo is supporting imagine such situation!where is Human Right Watch?now

  20. They have either French, Belgium governments and other genociders protectors like Kikwete, or Americans and the rest of West without excluding the Emerging superpower, Chinese, Russians, and the Zuma self interest, nobody care of the massacres of the poor black Africans, let alone their basic rights, and who dare lie among the above think about their development. A president like Kabila has always been the best for them. It’s just destroying anybody who thinks to be right or understand the trouble of those one struggling for their survival like M23.

  21. I think if superpowers do not help citzen of CONGO then God the futher will help.They are just intrested in stilling CONGO Minerals rather than doing what brought them. God bless them, the time is coming forthem to pay what they did

  22. je m’adresse l’armée congolaise de ne continue pas de tué les innocents civils que pensez vous unserious men vraiment kabila ne encore serieux i say stop war!! ooh!!! mon Dieu help DRC

  23. if Kabila is the head of state in Drc Congo, He should be under obligation to answer for this murder of innocent citizens! M23 rebels, if they know they have a reason to stage a fight, then defending these citizens is enough and worth a reason to topple both Goma and Kinshasha please!

  24. Where’s Human Right Watch?I’m joking!They do not care of what’s being done by Kabila & FDLR!There’s no justice in this world!People are being killed like insects &I’m sure International community is traffikking minerals!Shame!

  25. Dear Brothers, FARDC failed. What does MONUSCO inongo? What are u doing there? Protecting FADRC while they are killing civilians?

  26. Tout ceci se passe aux yeux des Nations Unies, la communaute internationale et les soient disant Human Right organisations, les tueries meurtrieres , unhumain que les attaques aeriennes sont entrain realiser ds l’est du Congo sont a condamner et j’en appelle a SE Ban Ki Moon de montrer son humanisme et demander ses Casques Bleus de les stopper . Ne vous etonnez pas si demain les accusations soient dirigees vers le Rwanda et Kagame.

  27. A vous qui s’attaquez aux enfants et aux gens vulnerables, un jour l’histoire vous jugera et la foudre de Dieu s’abbattra sur vous tous ! shame on you !

  28. These Pilotes are mercenaries! why not get down these helicopters!! I still demands that what are you waiting for attacking instead of being always on the defensive

  29. Qui es Kabila qui ne pas Kabila entre la Monusco et la force special d’intervention Onusienne est ce que quand ils tuent les civiles innocent que pensent-ils .
    tel pere ,tel fils il nya aucune difference entre Kabila Monusco et la force d’intervention Onusienne

    Tout change ,tout évolue seuls les imbeciles ne changent pas dit-le a Kabila et ses allies

  30. Please, please!!! this is terrible!!! your are killing innocent people, what and where is the implication of these children. Kabila and you guys from M23 try to protect civilians in both you’re control zone cause no one of you who have rights of killing civilians!!! this is war crimes!!!!

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