FARDC are very tired on the battlefield ready to gave up

FARDC are very tired on the battlefield ready to gave up

BY Dr Antoinette Kankindi (Mushaki pager)

This must be so ironic for FARDC, but life is life, and you got to choose it if the only other alternative you have is to serve under the flag of country run by a corrupt kleptocracy. You got to be compassionate with those soldiers and officers who run to Rwanda yesterday. They are in good hands, since Rwandan security services can be civilized if they wanted. They are likely to treat them in the exact way as they treated other Congolese such as Runiga and Ngaruye. No one should be worried about them, they will be handed back to the DRC government in due course and following due process. You got to concede that to Rwanda: they have processes even if you might no agree with them. It happens to me, at least with the Nkunda case, I can’t possibly understand which process or policy they hold him under. If he ever gets back we will know. At the moment, we are dealing with yesterday FARDC fugitive found in Mbuga Ngari. Some rumors went round saying they were only 15. But as of this moment, trustful sources say they are 85.

What about the front-line? Remember that FARDC have lost Mutaho and Kanyaruchinya? Though things seem to be calm, they are far from over. The march is on and it has reached Muchanga , a little hill overlooking Munigi, where trucks collect sand for the ever booming building market in Goma and Gisenyi. I found interesting Maps here

All this shows that our dear Governor Julien Paluku, who is still expecting salvation from the International Community should be looking at a plan B. It is nice to see that some Congolese are realizing that the so called international community is a lie. This is whhat I have just read in a column on the Potentiel: “Il n’existe nulle part de « communauté internationale ». C’est une mythologie médiatico-politique, une commodité de langage, un mensonge paresseux. Disons qu’il s’agit là d’un fantôme qui fait périodiquement retour, sans que personne ne songe à lui demander ses papiers d’identité. Cette non-réalité, cette occurrence gazeuse, fut quasiment « inventée» après la chute du communisme en 1989. Son emploi suggérait que le monde était devenu une « famille» réunie par la même foi en la démocratie, et capable de se mobiliser unanimement contre un «nouvel Hitler» ou pour secourir les affligés sur n’importe quel point de la planète. Ainsi prit-on l’habitude de dire que la « communauté internationale» se souciait de la Somalie, des Kurdes d’Irak ou des égorgés du Rwanda; qu’elle allait secourir les persécutés du Darfour. On voulait se convaincre qu’elle s’indignait d’un seul mouvement devant les exactions de Milosevic, de Saddam Hussein ou de Bachar al-Assad.”

Moreover, what should worry Paluku now is that the UN is going to forbid Monusco to give support to FARDC due to their beastly behaviour shown by their joy at profaning bodies of dead soldiers, fallen at the battle field. Obviously FARDC are good students of FDLR and there is no difference anymore. Which means that by cooperating with them the UN forces are providing support to such inhuman behaviour, to say the least. So Mr. Paluku, no salvation from there. And after openly offering a UN facility to FARDC, Monusco has no other way of defending itself but keep off this battle. FARDC started it, then leave them alone to fight it out with M23. And don’t start accusing M23 of destroying your facility in Kanyaruchina, you deliberately offered it to FARDC bandits. About a plan B for Paluku and Kabila’s army, it is always nice to know you can run towards Rwanda because no one will follow you there. Taking the road to Sake might not be very safe for you.




  2. By focusing on Congolese soldiers are doing I think you have a good reason. By what is embarrassing is that you do not show what is going on on the other side, so I can say you are partial, or, you are playing the role on your side, the DRC’s enemies’ side. As an Press organ, a certain level of impartiality should be exerted. I do not support the attitude of criminality, but the stress you are putting on these images and the comment show that you are part of the war.

  3. This is very interesting! So, Congolese soldiers know very well that at least they have a nice and a safe place where they can run toward and nobody will follow them! and actually this is another proof that Rwanda is not backing M23 and sending special forces to support them.Those Guys (M23) are strong enough and don’t need any support from Rwanda, especially when you are fighting a mass of indisciplined, drunkers and rapers like FRDC and FDLR. Yes, Rwanda is a nice and safe place to be. Ask Paluku and cie to get news from their fellows Congolese who are living in Rwanda in full peace, harmony and security amidst the hate words about Rwanda from their leaders in DRC.
    Rwandan people and their Leaders are so smart and humble as said JMV Gatabazi, an other humble and smart Rwandan.

  4. Even if FARDC are supporting and helping FDLR to take over Kigali (Dreams) Rwandans will receive them once injured or fleeing their Positions, we are very humble

  5. Ndabona Kongo (Kabila) akwiye kumanika amaboko akishyira muri yombi sinon ingabo ze zose ziramushiraho afatwe mpiri, nabigire vuba inzira zikigendwa kuko imbabazi ze zirahari nta yandi mahitamo intambara ayitsinzwe atarwanye n’ubundi zitukwamo nkuru ntizitukwamo nto. SOKI NALEMBI ABANDI KOBINA.

  6. I follow your information and I am very interesting but my english is poor if you translate in french i will be happy thx

    • Keep on reading publications in english , and that will the best way for you to improve your knowledge of the language. Ne t’en fais pas car tu comprends déjà le contenu des articles.

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