President Joseph Kabila is a weak leader whose regime doesn’t control anything beyond the jungle that encroaches on his country’s dilapidated capital. Joseph Kabila is weak, much like his father Laurent Kabila from whom he inherited the presidency after a gunman assassinated the latter in 2000.

President Joseph Kabila, a weak leader whose regime doesn’t control anything beyond the jungle that encroaches on his country’s dilapidated capital. Joseph Kabila is weak, much like his father Laurent Kabila from whom he inherited the presidency after a gunman assassinated the latter in 2000.

By Dr Antoinette Kankindi (Mushakipager)

Joseph Kabila is playing his usual double game: send out his triple armed coalition UN-FDLR-FARDC to pick a fight with M23, showing he is in control and he will finish with this so-called tutsi-led army as journalists like to call M23 military wing. At the same time, he is blaming the fight on the movement, when he is the one who provoked this new escalation of violence. The media that are sympathetic to his sinister agenda are amplifying Lambert Mende’s declaration of victory in anticipation by exhibiting numbers of causalities and injured soldiers on M23 side. Others are claiming that the M23 silence is already a proof of their defeat, etc… Intox and propaganda.
The fact is that since they started pounding M23, the coalition UN-FARDC-FDLR has not managed to break their adversary’s line. Helicopters, mortar, with the double human shield of IDPs and the Monusco have done achieved anything in the effort to penetrate M23 fierce resistance. If we were to go by Mende’s declarations since Sunday, we would be sure that, by now, Kabila’s multi-faced army would have seized not only Mutaho but the entire Rutshuru, including Bunagana. They could be fighting those who have set in motion another fierce battle in Beni. The truth is, they have not moved even a single kilometer. Mende is doing what he does best, creating rumors to distract unsuspecting Congolese people.
What has all this to do with a French nose in this battle?  It is easy to discover how it actually has everything to do with it.Everything. The triple coalition UN-FDLR-FARDC is in this for each body’s own interests. The UN for the vultures, FDLR for their French-cum-génocidaires hutus agenda, which, as I have stated so many times here, remains unfinished since 1994. Congolese tutsis are still paying for this unfinished business, this has become one of the reason why the so-called international community likes to portray M23 as only a tutsi outfit. In this easy escapism, they support the corrupt governement in Kinshasa and refuse to listen and support M23’s quest for freedom for the people of the DRC in Kivu. They prefer to keep them under the new colonial system via UN forces, administered by French diplomats and henchmen alike, at the UN and in larger international community.
So the task of M23 to free this part of the country is made doubly difficult because, through their influential role at the help of UN peace keeping missions, the French can block the recovery of the state presence in Kivu and loot it peacefully. They can also, in total impunity, push for the FDLR agenda both in DRC and in Rwanda. I like to totally disassociate M23 from Rwanda for reasons that readers of this blog have known since 2009, they way I, since then, disassociated Makenga from Ntaganda. At that time people thought I was crazy, but Ntaganda himself has proved me right. M23 is very much aware of having to fight Kabila’s terrible coalition and his stubbornness in refusing to negotiate, on the one hand. And on the other, they are aware they are fighting FDLR, which means indirectly the part of international interests these beasts represent. I understand that it is this tricky double enemy that makes M23 be quite cautious and prudent, while it stays strong. This strategy should pay, because it is consistent with their commitment to seek peace rather than fight a war. But if Kabila wants to push them to the point of seizing Goma again, then he must be prepared for the consequences of such a feat. For those who would like to hear them talk about numbers, Kazarama explained yesterday on VOA news that FARDC have lost 9 officers, 20 soldiers and an unspecified number of injured. But these are FARDC, who are compatriots: there is no need at all to publicize their numbers. So do not expect many reports on casualties and injuries. A war, however worth it is, should not push us to lack respect for compatriots who are dying in it. Our culture has not yet reached the in-sensitiveness of the so called developed western democracies that have lost the value of the person.


  1. Stay like this brave guys: strong, committed to struggle for your right and most importantly keep your human values and dignity alive; keep your culture of human dignity alive. This is why your are different, this is why you are respected by those people who are respectful and full of integrity. ” You will never walk alone” Guys. Keep it high. I liked your last phrase my dear. it is the real truth to say that many of those “western people” have lost the value of real human being. Au nom de la democratie! in the name of democraty!! Et “les petits negres”, “les tintins au Congo” continuent a gober tous ces dereglements des moeurs comme des gens qui n’ont pas evolue d’un iota! Et l’independance a servi a quoi pauvres gars! Les occidentaux viennent vous diviser et vous pousser a vous entretuer et vous gober tout ca!! Pauvres Congolais!! Grandissez les gars, sachez que toutes ces forces etrangeres sont les seule et vrais pilleurs de vos richesses. Elles vous poussent a vous entretuer pour mieux vous asservir. 23,000 militaires etrangers sont chez vous au Congo pour vous ramener la paix vous croyez vraiment? Et ou est cette paix? C’est triste. Ils ne veulent pas que vous ayez la paix, sinon ils ne vous tromperez pas en vous poussant a renier vos frères qui peuvent mieux vous defender. Savez vous aussi que ces minables ont peur que la RDC s’entende bien avec le Rwanda? Une bonne entente entre la RDC et le Rwanda signifierait leur depart et ca ils ne le veulent pas. Ouvers les yeux et ne continuez pas a renier vos frères.

  2. Is the joint operation going to defeat the M23 rebels and stablish a peaceful state of drc.All countries that are participarting in drc have no knowledge of the drc terrain and enviroment and this will cost their dear life seriously.Why is J.Kabila refusing a dialog with the opposition parties.There is no solution and an answer to the drc conflict without a negotiation settlement.They stated that M23 rebels are about 2000 in total.So they put 3000 Un army to fight the M23 rebels so lets wait and se the casualities.

  3. M23 courage et courage encore vont mieux de mourir pour la verité que de courir au monde entier pour propager les mensonges (Kabila, Mende Vuvuzela etc), qui vivra verra la réalité des choses! Kabila finira tres mal et la victoire est à la portée du M23! Unissons – nous pour la paix et mourir pour elle que de vivre dans la mensonge et la corruption! Dieu aide nos amis, enfants du M23!! Je prie pour vous la victoires est proche et quand la victoire approche l’ennemi essai de bouger mais c’est comme un chien emprisonné dans l’obsicurité et ne vois rien! Kabila you’re about to see who is the Lord God of M23!

    • We all know the French game in all this. My advice to the leaders in the region is to be extra cautious because the stake is too high. “The alliance of the three” piloted by the French (UN-FARDC-FDLR) is a two edge sword: Have the monopoly of resources in the KIVUS as they already have the monopoly of all the Kinshasa government’s lucrative contracts and finally to destabilise the Rwandan government so that they can tilt the balance of power in Kigali forcing Mr President (P K) to start talking to the opposition and have back in the 1994 mass murderers(FDLR)

  4. Dr Antoinette Kankind! Even though I am not aware of what your war stands for, yet I, being an intellectual, do like your article, and I admire your talent. How have you managed to still your mind amidst shaky bombardments in Mutaho, Rutshuru, and Bunagana? How have you managed to maintain your mind-focus amidst deadly torments and global condemnations? I applaud you for this. You are a genius!

  5. Perdre 9 officiers sur le terrain militaire en 24 heures c’est beaucoup. Les FARDC auraient alors subi de lourdes pertes, et ce n’est que le début. Quant aux Français, nous savons ce qui les amène, achever le plan de François Mitterrand contre les Tutsi et de s’installer définitivement au Kivu en vue de pouvoir contrôler plus tard le Rwanda et l’Ouganda, bref, l’ensemble des pays des grands lacs. C’est un autre territoire français qui va se créer. Un néocolonialisme de sous main. Kabila est un traître.
    Attendons voir la suite.
    A bientôt.

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