Congo: Joseph Kabila Board Of Military ( #Karegeya & #Kayumba )

Patrick Karegeya et Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa. © DR/AFP/Montage J.A.

Patrick Karegeya et Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa. © DR/AFP/Montage J.A.

By Dr Antoinette Kankindi (MushakiPager)

At this stage even the vultures must be a little bit confused about the situation in the Eastern part of the DRC. The mixed clashes that happened yesterday show clearly that the many conflicting interests that the foreign powers are protecting via the UN are bound to increase the confusion. Indeed who’d have ever said that Monusco would defend M23? That happened. Who would have said that FDLR acclaimed as the FARDC subsitute army would try to break through M23 zone in a bid to both spark fights with M23 and cross over the boarder? But you can trust the Civil society in Goma to say that those were young men from Goma who have decided to defend the country against M23, simply laughable.
In all matters laughable, it could be good to mention here the interview sensation spread around by RFI and the Kin media: you got it, it’s the one of Sir Patrick Karegeya, who seems to have revealed the biggest secret. A friend of mine has just given me an interesting interpretation of the interview in these terms: “Saying, in the 21st century, that crocodiles live in the water is no discovery”. Sorry for the literal translation. Interesting to see someone like Karegeya still equating M23 to AFDL or RCD. If he’d mentioned CNDP only, we would understand. Anyway, that isn’t a problem.
The problem is that it has become notoriously known that this gentleman with his fellow exiled, have become Joseph Kabila’s military advisers. Maybe that isn’t a problem really. It could be a solution for Kabila if their interests and his do not collide. It is also convenient for exiled people to have a steady source of income, if what it takes is just go out there and emulate Ngbanda, Ruzibiza and Charles Onana. The aim is to please all powers seeking to sink our people into the ditch for ever. However, if I could sit face to face with this gentleman, this is what I’d tell him: the people of the DRC have a peace to build and then a kind of development that is long overdue. That’s the issue for M23 and for any Congolese who still has an once of self-respect. That is why people like René Abandi are stuck in Kampala, to try as hard as possible to force the way to peace, peacefully. That is why Makenga through his spokesman had to warn Monusco about yesterday’s attack. But René is not stuck in Kampala alone, even the DRC government still has about 5 officials waiting there. For once, can’t the International community see and understand that the time for war is over? If they don’t want to bring Kabila to that conclusion, then get ready…

Oh, I was about to forget. It seems that there is a military reshuffle in Kabila’s army: something that might complicate the already useless military bureaucracy. It seems that to the existing military regions, we will have military zones depending on the three major cities, Kinshasa, Kisangani and Lubumbashi. To that effect, the rais has promoted a number of guys on his side. Would he be trying to lure them so that they do not factions inside his depleted army? Anyway he can always count on his newly acquired advisers as well as his usual foot soldiers the FDLR who might be of use to the UN brigade of rapid intervention.


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