DRC: Let’s make room to talk about the women in and around M23 in Congo

Major Fanette Rwagati, the M23 officer dancing with Local women in Kibumba

Major Fanette Rwagati, the M23 officer dancing with Local women in Kibumba

Source Mushakipager

A couple of days ago, I saw an article on Fanette Rwagati, explaining what a combattant she is, working close to Gen. Makenga. I thought about Makenga who is known to his people and foes to be everything except corrupt and I couldn’t help but wish that this Fanette Rwagati should be absolutely un-corrupt and un-corruptible. The closest collaborators of this general should be people of the old military style, men and women of honor and probity, above reproach. This is a tall order in an era where immorality and irresponsibility have become the norm of the day. If there is anything women must bring to M23 and to the cause of peace and development in the DRC it is the restoration of probity, hard work, sense of honor and dignity.

If Fanette reads this, I’d like her to check herself and her sisters in and outside M23 jeshi on these values. If not, the cause could be compromised sooner or later.
Alongside with Fanette Rwagati, I’d have loved to see an article on Jeanne d’Arc Mihigo, who went too soon in that fatal accident of Hewa Bora in Kisangani. Jeanne d’Arc loved this cause and worked tirelessly for it. Above all she loved Bunia, her home, the way I love Mushaki may be! I met Jeanne d’Arc and shared with her the dream of peaceful Eastern DRC. We used to talk about the potential of creating and maintaining local manufacturing and processing plants to add value to export. She knew very well le Grand Nord, I know very well le Petit Nord. We worried about the financial strain of maintaining the Jeshi as long as the struggle lasted and we worried about what could happen if army officials got corrupt, which materialized when Ntaganda bitrayed Nkunda, etc… She soldiered on until her untimely death.
I had not had the chance to meet other women around M23 such as Maitre Eugénie Mubake and Mama Zaituni. I don’t know anything about the former, but about the latter, I know she is a mother of 9 children, has worked with General Nkunda in Bwiza, and could still be active in the immigration office at Bunagana. These and so many others we don’t know are all champions of this great cause of freedom we are engaged in. There is no dictatorship that has survived the people’s push for freedom, we keep our hopes and our heads high, for the future generations. Read more on Mushaki pager


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