School examinations conducted well in M23 controled zone

imagesfPrimary school examinations were conducted well in all the areas controlled by M23. This indicates that M23 can maintain peace in all areas controlled by them.

M23, however, suspects that Kinshasa may cause insecurity in that area especially following interview the Congolese army spokesman, Col. Olivier Amuli gave to Radio France International recently. Col. Olivier said in that interview that Congolese army is ready to attack M23, what is left is just order from above!

Infact all signs indicate that Congolese army is preparing to attack M23. They have deployed troops in several fronts, including Mabenga going to Butembo. They have also opened another front from Tongo and Giseguro. Kinshasa also maintains FDLR battalion deployed from Muja, waiting order from Kabila to go and attack Rwanda.

Reliable sources also indicate that FDLR is negotiating with Tanzania troops as well as French personnels in Goma to go and attack M23.

Despite those threats Political leader of M23, Bertand Bisimwa, is convinced that even secondary school examinations due to start later this month will also be conducted in peaceful atmosphere. Bisimwa maintains that if government starts fighting in this period when secondary schools are due to start examinations, Kinshasa will not be forgiven by Congolese generations!

Sources from Goma indicates that in Ndosho area, particularly in Sayuni primary school, national examinations were not conducted because of disputes between teachers and the headmaster who is accused to have misused fund meant for examinations.

By Kayu casim


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