M23 rebellion is about Creating a worthy Congolese state on the ruins of what used to be known and referred to as “Belgian Congo”

There Is No roads in congo drc

There Is No roads in congo drc

When you talk of asserting state authority in DR Congo, what do you actually mean? “state authority” is fiction here, just like “state” is flimsy fiction. M23 rebellion is about creating a worthy Congolese state on the ruins of what used to be known and referred to as “Belgian Congo”: a vast territory comprising hundreds of nationalities, with different history covering centuries. multitudes of peoples that were brought together by colonial force bordering on enslavement.

These peoples have never had a genuine chance to create a viable unified policy through the wasted years of “national independence” and “international sovereignty”.  Independence and sovereignty have remained elusive words to date. These peoples have been coerced to live together in a sort of vast prison for hundreds of years, with state authorities taking turns to disenfranchise them, prey on them, ensuring all the time that they are totally de-politicized, right from the colonial times. the Congolese adventure started in 1876 when Leopold II the king of Belgians allotted himself the immensely vast territory carved in the center of Africa, which he named “the independent Kongo state”.the calamitous history of that independent state is known to those who care to have an idea of Congolese affairs.

To all intents and purposes, we must say out loud for all and sundry to hear that “the Congolese state ” and “the Congolese citizen” are mere words signifying nothing today. The DR Congo is a dangerous fiction: it has never been a real state in the sense of the word. The time to create a viable Congo is now. large sections of that huge territory, 2 400 000 square kms, are jungles where people still live like in antediluvian times: the highest human antiquity!

“The only way to help congo is to stop pretending that it exists”. This is the title of a remarkable and insightful media article recently by a very sensble man going by the name JEFFREY HERBST. reference the link below:


ntarugera deo koya
Communication, political & diplomatic affairs consultant


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