M23 Leader Bertrand Bisimwa’s letter to Mary ROBINSON

Bunagana, May 22nd, 2013
Réf : 026/PRES-M23/2013
To the attention of Her Excellency Mary ROBINSON,
UN Secretary General Special Envoy in the Great Lakes Region
Re: Actual situation in the Eastern of DRC
Your Excellency,
We are once again honored to write to you about the situation that is taking place in the
eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The military operations which are taking over in the surrounding of Goma are a result of
Congolese army working together with his allies FDLR and MAI-MAI armed groups attacking
the M23 positions from Monday 20th may, 2013 at 4:30 am.
This situation is disturbing the political peace process which was proned by the framework
agreement of Addis Ababa of February 24th 2013, the true way for solution in the DRC crisis
and even complicates the Kampala negotiations in which we did and do still build our hope.
We would like to see this military hostilities being stopped on both sides as it appears in our
letter of 1st May, 2013 addressed to his Excellency MUSEVENI KAGUTA, President of the
Republic of Uganda, Mediator of the Kampala peace talks and President of ICGLR,
requesting for bilateral cease fire between us and the Government of the DRC. Unfortunately
the DRC government consider the Kampala negotiations as an opportunity for a delay, in
order to obtain the UN resolution for a militarist option.
We remain believing that war will never bring sustainable peace in the DRC.
We highly thank you, Excellency, as you endeavour to bring peace in our region through the
political solution rather than war.
Hoping that our correspondence will take your attention, we thank you anticipatively.


Bertrand BISIMWA

– UN Secretary General
– Permanent Members of the Security Council
– President of the African Union
– Heads of State of the CIRGL
– Embassies


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