Sexual Scandal: After having satisfied his sexual thirst, A Tanzanian Soldier in DRC wanted to flee without paying up the agreed amount..


Tanzanian soldiers with their brutality on civilians

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The population of Sake town located 28 km from Goma was treated to drama when a prostitute raised an alarm from her room screaming at a Tanzanian soldier of the UN Brigade who did not want to pay for the services he was rendered by the prostitute.

The Tanzanian soldier, after having satisfied his sexual thirst, wanted to flee without paying up the agreed amount of $ 50 to the prostitute. The Tanzanian Soldier refused to pay and began to attack the woman. This prompted the woman to shout for help.

According to the testimony of the prostitute, the Tanzanian soldier had sex with her without a condom. Nobody (except perhaps His Excellency Ban Ki-moon) knows whether these soldiers had been tested for HIV-AIDS, Hepatitis B, etc. before they packed their bags and headed for Kivu, East DRC! One is left to wonder whether any means are good enough for the UN to exterminate the Congolese people of the East. Biological weapons have been widely used in the world in recent times (especially where fire arms show their inevitable limitations).
The Responsibility for damage by these biological weapons (South African soldiers amongst whom an estimated 9 out of 10 has HIV and Tanzanian soldiers amongst whom an estimated 3 out of 10 has HIV), let loose in the North Kivu province of Eastern DRC by the international community, is shared between the master planner Joseph Kabila and his accomplices France, South Africa and Tanzania.

Tanzania, it should be remembered, is the only country in East Africa that has never known civil war or upheaval in its postcolonial history. Tanzanians lacks this experience and this appears to agitate them terribly! One might say “They are tired of the peace.”
At one point in time, the Zairians found it difficult to understand why the Angolans could not agree to end a civil war that lasted 26 years. We could not imagine at the time that one day we would find ourselves in a similar situation. We were so cushy that we thought these things (wars) were meant to afflict others and not us!

Taking for granted the peace we were enjoying at the time, we even agreed to send troops to the rescue of one of the parties to the Angolan conflict, hoping to switch developments to his advantage in a wink. At the time, coincidentally, we formed a tandem with South Africa alongside the loser who was Savimbi and his UNITA, exactly as is the case today between Tanzania and South Africa alongside the loser of tomorrow, Joseph Kabila and his PPRD.
It is apparent that the priority for Tanzanian soldiers in Kivu is sexual activities rather than the purpose for which they had sent to the Eastern DRC (which is to neutralize negative forces). This begs the question did the Tanzanians and South Africans arrive in Kivu for the purpose of creating an empty no man’s land for a long time to come, so that those who covet the territory for its oil and other resources have no problem of access?

source: Translated by Ken & Diana S katabarwa


2 thoughts on “Sexual Scandal: After having satisfied his sexual thirst, A Tanzanian Soldier in DRC wanted to flee without paying up the agreed amount..

  1. This is awkward. No body s perfect. You cant say all tanzanians are tired of AMAni just because of one person. What your doing is putting kerosine on fire while no body wants to cook. Terrible post … Acha uchochezi na ushabiki wa vitu… Hukuwa ana haja ya kuongea maneno ya uchochezi..ulitakia kukemea tuu hilo swala .pia huyo muuza uchi anamakosa.. Kwa nn ajiuze and infact she agreed by her senses to have sex withought a condom.


  2. African Great Lakes regional leaders must restore peace and security in eastern D R Congo.

    The African Great Lakes regional leaders must as of necessity and law restore long overdue peace and security in eastern D R Congo. The UN may only provide support to regional leaders’ road map, but never, re[eat never, take the lead in solving the Congolese conflict. The UN simply cannot resolve the Congolese crisis. The only thing they can do as meddlers is to further complicate matters. They are out to destroy the D R Congo.

    The DRC, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, Kenya and Tanzania governments must sort out sinister situation that has rendered human, cultural, economic and civil life impossible for the Congolese Banyarwanda over the past 20 years.

    If they can’t do so, then the peoples mandating them aided by friends, institutional and individual, must as of duty, right and law, take responsible actions to ensure the 20 years of calamities suffered by Banyarwanda mothers and babies, old folks and infants, young girls and boys, dehumanised and disheartened parents, are brought to an end.

    Presidents Joseph Kabila (DRC), Paul Kagame (Rwanda), Yoweri Museveni (Uganda), Pierre Nkurunziza (Burundi) and regional peers have the prime responsibility to tackle the tragedies that have crushed the lives and rights of Congolese that used to belong to the Rwandan kingdom prior to the 1884-1885 Berlin Conference partition of Africa.

    Leaders in the region should not just look on as innocent civilians are forced to flee their homes for safety as a result of the conflict.

    The UN and the international community are legally bound to stop massive suffering and death of a population estranged from their homeland by natural or man made calamities.

    Partitioning Africa and throwing the spoils that has led to untold tragedies. The time has come to dismantle the legal structures distorting the face and heart of Africa, enslaving African peoples at home and abroad.

    A new international effort must as of necessity be launched now to free Africans from the chains inherited from the Berlin Conference, the Versailles Treaty establishing the League of Nations (1919), the San Francisco Treaty establishing the UNO, the OAU treaty (1963) and the African Union charter (2002).

    Innocent civilians have lost their lives and property in the conflict and if the problem is not addressed as soon as possible, the neighbouring countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi will bear the brunt.

    Refugees are already fleeing to neighboring countries, an indication that the conflict will soon become a regional problem if concerted efforts are not directed towards hammering out a peace deal.

    The regional leaders should therefore move with speed to ensure there is peace and stability in DRC. International community should also intervene and provide necessary support to contain human sufferings. Mothers and children are always vulnerable in such situation and must be need protection and supply of food and water.

    Freeing Africa is freeing the world. Africa would now be coming to the rescue of the crumbling western world if she had been free.

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