The UN has wittingly signed its death warrant in D R Congo

UN Soldiers in Bunagana City the strong hold of M23

UN Soldiers in Bunagana City the strong hold of M23

By Ntarugera Deo Koya

For some reason, the UN has been infamously perverted, subverted and turned into just another terrorist organization! The French government has been using and abusing the UN machine through its gangster type of diplomacy to crush nations in the African Great Lakes region in order to keep their firm grip on local resources and publc markets generating billions of dollars for the currently ailing French economy.

It is the first time ever in recorded memory that an international public organization, specifically put up by world nations keen to ensure their collective security as subjects of a unified international law, is turned into some wanton and untoward terrorist organization precisely destroying the very nations creating it. This is absolutely absurd and awfully ironic, to say the very least. The trouble is that we actually have two types of nations in “the united nations”: core nations and peripheral nations. The core nations, which have the prerogative to ride the horse (the huge UN machine so reminiscent of the fabled Trojan horse), must be protected, secured. The peripheral nations must be stepped over and crushed by the mighty horse in its march forward, as it were! Peripheral nations are simply expendable. They are just perfunctory members of the United Nations Organization. The “Animal farm” fable shoots to mind: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”! The international community is indeed an Animal farm sui generis.

The simplest logical deductions from this state of affairs are:

1. the international law is ostensibly being negated, crushed, not just subverted by the UN security council.

2. Moral, political and legal degeneracy and bankruptcy in international affairs has horrendously struck leaders & political strategists of the world community of nations.

3. Custodians of international law are either nonentities or opprobrium-stricken dummies, just good for museums!

4. Global humanity is glaringly courting doom, so facetiously and idiotically as to elicit the question as to whether our brave new ultramodern world’s name is anything other than frailty: infamous frailty! “… Frailty, thy name is woman”, Shakespeare, Macbeth

5. US President Barack Obama & global peers, UN security council president and UN secretary general Ki Moon must earnestly note that the UN has in fine wittingly signed its death warrant in fatally adopting UNSC Resolution 2098 prescribing UN belligerence into eastern Congo.

Faut entonner le chant du cygne a présent!

Let the global world chorus the swan’s song in perfect unison.

Were egregious novelist CHINUA ACHEBE, my blessed Nigerian good friend, to be still around, he would surely, and very diligently, write yet another bestseller: Requiem for the United Nations Organization.

Ntarugera Deo Koya,

Cultural & political affairs analyst


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