M23 Open Letter sent to The Parliament of South Africa and SA people

Bunagana, April 3rd 2013

Réf : 006/Prés – M23/2013

To The attention of the Parliament of South Africa and South Africa people as whole, in South Africa.


Honorable Speaker,

Honorable members,

Honorable Senators,

The M23, noted the UN resolution 2098, of March 28, 2013, which transforming the UN peace keepers in a belligerent force, entrusted with offensive mission to extend the reign of an army which the crime rate and rape is the highest of all armies of the world and come to rescue the most corrupt regime in the world. Words of the Secretary General of the United Nations stating in the same resolution that corruption are the main cause of failure of the Congolese Government.

Recalling that, the UN resolution creating the Brigade with mandate to kill and also in turn to be killed comes into existence when negotiations are taking place in Kampala/ Uganda between the Kinshasa Government and the March 23 Movement, under the mediation of his excellency President YOWERI MUSEVENI of Uganda and Chairman of the International conference of the Great Lakes Region “ICGLR” and on the recommendation of the 11 countries of the Great Lakes Region.

Meanwhile it was noticed during the interview of April 2nd 2013 by the Congolese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Raymond TSHIBANDA who said that: “countries (South Africa, Tanzania, Malawi, and Mozambique) who have militarily contributed for the UN intervention brigade are also them countries who have accepted for their soldiers to be killed on the Congolese land”.

By this fact, the same countries gave mandate to the oppressed forces to kill the soldiers of the UN Brigade as they defend themselves. What a shame.

This decision, which is an evil precedent, dedicates the victory of force without reasoning. This is why, M23 invites the Parliament and the people of the South Africa to consider and convince the Government to do not send their sons and daughters of their good nation in an absurd war against their Congolese brothers.

Consequently the M23 has no responsibility in this mutual massacre which seems to be programmed just to please those who, from their air-conditioned skyscrapers in New York offices, whom have nothing but contempt and ignore our values and our pan-African beliefs.

At this difficult time of freedom struggle throughout Africa; our prayers are faced for the person of MADIBA MANDELA. May God quickly restore his health and inform to his great wisdom this long night and evil that is about to begin. We will never forget; just released from prison, he honored the city of GOMA by a friendly and brotherly visit which wills never quite our memories.

Finally, we would like to express too our compassion to the families of the South African soldiers who lost their lives while defending the central African Republic.

Looking forward to hear from you soon, we express our gratitude and honor to the nation’s Rainbow for being effective in leading the fight for freedom and equality of humans.

Bertrand Bisimwa

The President of M23


7 thoughts on “M23 Open Letter sent to The Parliament of South Africa and SA people

  1. What shame I feel to be a south african. Bertrand, you shouldn’t apologise. If SANDF want to send troops, they should suffer the consequences. The ANC has double standards. They milk apartheid for everything it’s worth. After almost 20 years one would think they’d rather unite, all races, but they (the anc) are just as corrupt. Most are uneducated bastards who play God. They do nothing in our own country to lessen crime and corruption. SA’s government is pathetic. Not at all what Madiba had in mind. They should be anihilated completely. Rid this country of the anc and you solve 90% of the country’s problems. Best of luck to you and your troops.

  2. My commander MR BERTRAND. do NOT PLEAD WITH THESE PIGS. I will die for m23. These 80000 anc mk’s puppies means nothing. They (anc pigs) must bring 20 million. We WILL SLAUGHTER THESE ANC FILTH. all of them. Bertrand stop sending apologies and fear candies to these south african anc pigs. WE ARE M23 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. M23 do not need to arse creep at racist anc mk puppy soldiers. m23 will wipe them from the face of the earth. Bertrand dont betray us.

  7. MEME si c’est u peu tard, je pense qu’il n’est pas trop tard que les congolais et congolaises reflechissent sur ce qui se passe à l’Est.Quelque chose doit être faite

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