Open Letter to H.E. Barack Obama, President of the United States of America in respect to M23 & UN special intervention force


Office of the Deputy Director

Kigali, 2013 04 06

Open Letter to H.E. Barack Obama, President of the United States of America

H.E. Barack Obama
President of the United States of America
The White House
Washington, DC

Your Excellency:

Referencing the media link below,

On behalf of Rufari Foundation, I have the honor and privilege to beckon you, and through you, your other UN Security Council peers, to attract your joint attention and diligence on the inescapable necessity, imperative rather, to nullify UN Resolution 2089 prescribing the dispatch of a 3 000-ish strong offensive intervention force into Congo. Failure to do precisely that, Excellency Barack Obama, will entail among other wanton consequences that of turning the entire Great Lakes region of Africa into a mammoth fireball, and the world far adrift will register in no small way adverse consequences thereof.

France has once again induced the UN into very grave error and hit the world with yet another gravely feat twisting international law and fouling international relations. Why did France push heavily for UN Resolution 2089 to be voted in the UN Security Council? Do please check the innards of this question, Excellency Barack Obama, with in the rear view of your mind the celebrated Zone Turquoise that the French diplomats stealthily got signed, not really voted, in a twinkle of an eye, in the UN Security Council in June 1994, in respect of Rwanda. Do you have an idea of the still reverberating and wanton consequences of the Zone Turquoise, Excellency? The rebounding Congolese crises are precisely one of the consequences of Zone Turquoise. And could you fathom beforehand the future consequences of the soon to be implemented UN Resolution 2089?

France has been inducing the UN Security Council into errors over decades with respect to the handling of political issues alongside the resolution and management of conflicts cropping up in the Great Lakes region of Africa, and Africa at large. Cases coming to mind are the 1990-1994 Rwandan conflict that degenerated into outright genocide, and the 1998-2013 rebounding Congolese crises. In both instances, the massive involvement of the French government and the presence of its army units in situ are attested. Both cases of the French intervention and diplomacy have evidently entered historical legacy as wanton failures resulting in wanton destruction of human lives, property and vital infrastructures, genocides, intractable post-conflict problems including enduring post genocide massive trauma, levels of inhuman poverty having no parallels nor precedents anywhere else, etc.

On behalf of Rufari Foundation, Sir, and on behalf of the M23 Congolese rebellion, in respect of which we have mandate to run communication and diplomatic business, I urge you to use your good offices to preclude France being allowed to have the upper hand in the UN Security Council as regards handling political issues and crises cropping up in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

The UN parties concerned must clearly understand this. And for them to clearly understand the rationale behind our cautioning them, it is advisable that they make it a point of duty to take some time to investigate the yet to be circumstanced crimes committed in Rwanda by the President of the Republic of France alongside the French Government between 1990 and 1994. The post genocide Rwandan government has records of some of those crimes. Should the US government want to delve into the matter, Rwandan president Paul Kagame would most certainly come in handy to oblige. Kagame’s government has already put up hefty material, hundreds of pages in book form, and they are ready to indict France for crimes committed in Rwanda between 1990 and 1994 at the earliest opportunity.

Other crimes that must be investigated are crimes that the President of the Republic of France & the French Government committed in Ituri, D R Congo between 1998 and 2006.

On behalf of Rufari Foundation, I avail this opportunity to reiterate to Your Excellency the assurance of our highest consideration.

Ntarugera Deo Koya
Rufari Foundation


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