Bertrand Bisimwa: They are planning a military offensive against M23, yes I say, they are well come.”

le president Bertrand Bisimwa avec la population de Kibumba

le president Bertrand Bisimwa avec la population de Kibumba

M23: If UN special Force attacks us; it will be catastrophic & apocalyptic

By Robert Mugabe

BUNAGANA-DRC-reacting on UNSC decision to send in special brigade to engage with all armed groups in DRC including M23, rebel leader, Comrade Bertrand Bisimwa, said his force will not attack UN special brigade but they are ready to defend themselves when attacked. But warned if attacked, the retaliation would be very catastrophic and apocalyptic”.

Thursday 28, March 2013, the Security Council decided to create and sending a response team in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to disarm all ‘negative forces’ including M23. For the first time, UN is opting for war by means of sending offensive Brigade made up of South Africa Development Community (SADC) troops.

The resolution extends MONUSCO’s mandate until March 31, 2014. The “intervention brigade” headquarters will be in the key eastern city of Goma and UN officials say it will probably include between 2,000 and 3,000 troops

“It’s unfortunate that UN is opting for war by time when we are talking peace. Kampala dialogue was the true and legitimate means to solve Congolese problems of bad governance, corruption and misuse of public funds,” Bertrand Bisimwa said adding that “DRC government wasted our time, by diverting our attention to talks which they were not serious of.

In fact, Kishansa government was planning for the war. they refused to sign cease fire, they refused to talk about long lasting solutions, we got information that they are planning a military offensive against M23, yes I say, they are well come.”

According to M23’s Bisimwa, government has only respected 26 percent of March 23 agreement and leaving important issues unattended to. M23 is not a problem; it’s a reaction to bad governance in DRC.

We are not negative force

The resolution, sponsored by France, the US and Togo, would give the brigade a mandate to operate “in a robust, highly mobile and versatile manner” to ensure that armed groups cannot seriously threaten government authority or the security of civilians.

Speaking to the press yesterday in Bunagana, M23 stronghold, Bisimwa refuted the claim that his force is ‘a negative force.’ “UN said we’re a negative force but that is wrong. UN statements are based on wrong information they get from Kishansa and France. We know France is behind this UN resolution.

“If we’re negative force, why is that the communities in territories controlled by Kabila are leaving to our territory? If we are criminals as they say, why is it that many FARDC troops are defecting to our side? If we are criminals as they claim, why is it that there are civilians who are raped in by regular army, and our territory people are safe? We have closed the IDP’s camp at Kanyarukinga and people are settled now at their safe homes,” Bisimwa said in a 3hours and 40minutes press conference.

The UN currently has more than 17,700 UN peacekeepers and more than 1,400 international police in Congo.


2 thoughts on “Bertrand Bisimwa: They are planning a military offensive against M23, yes I say, they are well come.”

  1. M23 should take Goma back as Kinshasa doesn’t take u seriously anymore now, take Bukavu too, UN is trying to confuse u, so confuse them even by sending ur own drones on Lambert and Kabila on ur way to Kin.

  2. i wonder!!! since then the UN was deployed in DRC and has never disarmed even a least group?? i remember the time the UN came it was the same time that many groups arose, so i don’t think these 2000-3000 will end up the problem please negotiate unless as civilians the impact will fall on us. read the following verses in the Bible: Psalms 33:16 A king does not win because of his powerful army; a soldier does not triumph because of his strength.
    Psalms 33:17 War horses are useless for victory; their great strength cannot save.

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