Congo Drc News

Official Communique N00033/M23/2012.

The Political Arm of the March 23 Movement is concerned about recent developments unfolding on the military and security fronts in Eastern DRC. These developments include the growing threat by negative forces on civilian populations, the possibility of renewed war throwing our fellow compatriots from Goma back on the road to exile and the refusal by the Congolese government to consider a cease-fire agreement with M23.


In recent days, we have observed important movements of entire units of the Forces Démocratiques pour la Libération du Rwanda– FDLR on the axis Bibwe (FDLR’s headquarters) – Goma. These troops are currently located in the areas of KARUBA and MUSHAKI, approximately 40 Kms from Goma that they intend to attack in the coming hours. In both locations, these negative forces have forged alliances with the Mai-Mai NYATURA militia that has become notorious for well-documented exactions against civilian populations…

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